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Mariama’s excursion/Mariama op excursie

Thanks to a grant from the AlFra Foundation Mariama (sister of Omar Ceesay) was able to join an excursion with her classmates to Dakar, Senegal earlier this year. The students visited several historical places and learned a lot about the history Senegambia. The name Senegambia is not a new word. It was used by the […]

In memory of Penda Saidy/In memoriam Penda Saidy

Penda Saidy was born on September 15, 1961 and the beloved mother of Omar and Mariama Ceesay. She was the widow of Musa Ceesay, who died on May 29, 1996. From that moment on she devoted all her time and energy to raise her 2 young children who were 10 and 4 years of age […]

Musa Ceesay on excursion to Dakar, Senegal./Musa Ceesay op excursie naar Dakar, Senegal.

Thanks to a donation of the AlFra Foundation, Musa Ceesay was able to join a group of students on a 2-weeks excursion to Dakar, Senegal in May. The group visited the university and a hospital and performed many scientific experiments. The trip was very educational and enjoyable. Dankzij een donatie van de AlFra Foundation is […]

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