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Mariama at the University of The Gambia/Mariama naar de universiteit

Mariama has successfully completed her studies at the Kinderdorf Bottrop Senior Secondary School in 2013. In September 2013 she has continued her education at the University of The Gambia, where she will study law in order to become a lawyer. The AlFra Foundation wishes her the best of luck! Mariama heeft haar opleiding op de […]

Hawa now at Senior Secondary School/Hawa naar Senior secondary School

Hawa has successfully completed her education at the Brikama Upper Basic School earlier this year. She is continuing her studies at the Senior Secondary School. We wish her the best of luck!/Hawa heeft haar opleiding aan de Brikama Upper Basic School  dit jaar succesvol afgesloten en heeft haar opleiding in september vervolgd op de Senior […]

Mariama’s excursion/Mariama op excursie

Thanks to a grant from the AlFra Foundation Mariama (sister of Omar Ceesay) was able to join an excursion with her classmates to Dakar, Senegal earlier this year. The students visited several historical places and learned a lot about the history Senegambia. The name Senegambia is not a new word. It was used by the […]

In memory of Penda Saidy/In memoriam Penda Saidy

Penda Saidy was born on September 15, 1961 and the beloved mother of Omar and Mariama Ceesay. She was the widow of Musa Ceesay, who died on May 29, 1996. From that moment on she devoted all her time and energy to raise her 2 young children who were 10 and 4 years of age […]

A new heart for Omar’s mum/Een nieuw hart voor Omar’s moeder

For some time Omar’s mum was not feeling well. A few weeks ago she was taken to a hospital with respiratory problems. The doctors concluded that her heart was seriously damaged caused by chemicals which she used to make soap, which she was selling at the market. Hence she needed a heart transplantation. This procedure […]

Successful surgery for Lalla Sanyang/Geslaagde operatie van Lalla Sanyang

After a period of enduring pain, Lalla Sanyang (Afefe’s mum) underwent a successful surgey earlier this week. Her illness was life threatening, whereby the surgery became necessary. Thanks to the financial support of the AlFra Foundation she could have this surgery. We hope she will get better soon and come home again. Na een periode van […]

Hawa and Mariama promoted to next grade/Hawa en Mariama zijn over gegaan

Hawa and Mariama successfully finished their study year 2010/11 and have both been promoted to the next grade, which they started in September. The AlFra Foundation is financially supporting their education. The Foundation congratulates Hawa and Mariama with their excellent scores and wishes them succes with the continuation of their education. Hawa and Mariama hebben […]

Omar’s mum released from hospital/Omar’s moeder uit ziekenhuis

Omar’s mum has been released from hospital and is recovering well. She will stay with friends nearby Omar’s home. She will have to visit the hospital every 3 days in order to check her condition. She hopes to return to her home village Jonkel in two months. The AlFra Foundation wishes her a speedy and full recovery. Omar’s […]

Successful surgery./Operatie succesvol.

Last Friday Omar’s mum was operated. The problems with her stomach most likely were caused by contaminated water and/or food. Also the doctors found problems with her lefthand kidney, which needed to be replaced. Luckily for her a donor kidney was readily available. The operation was successful and the docters were satisfied with the result. She […]

Omar’s mother in hospital/Omar’s moeder in het ziekenhuis

Last week Omar’s mum was suffering a lot of pain and diagnosed with stomach and kidney problems. Surgery appeared to be necessary, however the family could not afford the costs of Dalasi 45,000 (approx. € 1,250). Hence the AlFra Foundation quickly responded by transferring the money for surgery in the Royal Victoria Hospital (, in the capital city […]

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